Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Placebo Effect.

I think I got a sunburn... We made it to the beach today and could hear thunder in the distance, the lifeguards wouldn't let anyone in the ocean, but the sun was still shining. Then, 3 hours later, we knew it was going to rain so we cam back home. I'm full of sand and huge welts on my legs from the mosquitoes that seem to love my blood. I mean HUGE welts. DEFORMED welts. Even the mosquitoes in India weren't this bad!!

Last week was great, especially because Petite Fee was here. Went out every night, ate Ethiopian with L the L, saw The Sugar Report (great as usual), drank way too much, even had a night out with only a couple of drinks, ended up in Williamsburg introducing myself to people in a random deli as "Paradox, tourist from Manhattan", karate kicked a few walls, poured a huge glass of ice water down my shirt in the basement at Lit, danced on the couch at The Skinny (usual occurence), made Psycho scuttle away like a cockroach, met my twin music BFF, saw and hung out at Rockstar 1's house and got sick.

I feel like going out tonight although I know I shouldn't. Anyone up for some couch dancing and random barhopping in the rain.

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