Monday, September 24, 2007


I was sitting at the bar last night and some random guy asked me if I was from London. Five times. Because you know that everybody who has a British accent comes from London. Then he proceeded to ask me if I knew Kate Moss to which I responded in my most sarcastic tone “Of course, she’s my best friend”. Next thing I know he’s whipped his crackberry out and shows me a text message that he’s just received from Kate Moss.

Riiiiight. I think his delusion went a little bit deeper than the amount of alcohol that he had been drinking.

Then again, I ended up not remembering how I got from Darkroom to Motorcity (the fifth time of the night). Actually, lets go back even further – I don’t remember how I got from Lit to Darkroom.
It was a good night. I think?

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matthew houskeeper said...

Does that mean that you don't really know Kate Moss????