Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday morning

Last week was hellish - with work being even more insane than usual and having to deal with going to court again, but I had a lovely weekend. I managed to clean my whole apartment, something I have been wanting to do for over a month (but impossible to do while Karli was here), relax, have fun, and not drink myself stupid. Not that I didn't drink, but I was a lot better than I usually am. I've already been at work for an hour and am feeling ok. It's going to be a good week.

Yes - I am trying to motivate myself into positive thinking. However, right now I really need help with this because I still am drained and exhausted. I can't look after everyone all the time. Sometimes I wish I could be looked after just for a day. Or maybe not. I think I just need a day off work!!

I wish I were going to SXSW - so many people I know are going to be playing there. Maybe next year I will be able to afford it.

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