Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Listening to some interesting stories that my Mum's friend from England is telling. He has been to every major event in history in the past 25 years, reporting, Driving from Sarajevo to Tulsa and being shot at by snipers, hidden in a hotel room in the middle of a military coup, filming the Berlin wall coming down... Amazing...
Makes me wonder why I am still stuck doing a job I really don't want to be doing. Time to start doing what I want to, writing again. But in the meantime I have to do some work on Labor Day. Awesome, right?

Right now I am sitting on my Mum's deck with her best friend Elaine and one of her best friends from England, chatting about music and memories and the future. The moon is really high in the sky and the cicadas are singing away. I keep thinking that I should buy a little house out here, and possibly feel settled for once in my life. I just can't afford to do anything like that for at least a year. Would I miss the city too much? I couldn't move alone... Ahhh.
I want that one dream I have had for so long to become reality!!! But that's another story. I will continue to keep hoping.

This past week has been interesting.

While the moon rises over the bay I will leave you with a picture of my lovely Bella. The gentlest, sweetest and most adorable dog ever.

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