Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who shot Rock & Roll exhibition @ The Brooklyn Museum

I finally made it over to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibition. I have mixed feelings about it. The photography is of course, amazing, and it's always great to see all those musicians that we admire and have admired for so long, in different settings. Sometimes posing, sometimes on stage, sometimes in completely candid shots where you see glimpses of who they really are, behind the stage personas and/or what we imagine them to be.
But, in a way, I am quite happy to see these pictures in a book. I was surprised that a lot of the pictures were actually printed quite small, and not blown up. So, that, coupled with the fact that the exhibition was packed, made it difficult to actually be able to look at any of the pictures before being shoved out of the way by some rude person who wasn't prepared to wait.
I'm happy I went, but I'm also happy that one of my lovely colleagues at work gave me the book, so I can peruse it at my leisure :)

On another note I found this beautiful video on youtube:

One of my favourite songs.

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