Saturday, March 6, 2010

Songs and moments in time

Work in progress...

You know how a song always reminds you of one, two, three specific times in your life? Well, I also put songs together with times and places, sometimes multiple times and places. So many moments,so many countries... Maybe putting this never-ending list together will give me more inspiration to write stories. Hopefully.

* She's in Parties - Bauhaus:
Kata Bar, Paris, France. Dancing, twirling around in circles in the basement with Maud, Spring 1999. Or maybe Spring 2000? One or the other, as I was in Paris both years around that time.

* Killing an Arab - The Cure:
Up towards the Bastille, Grenoble, France. Rolling down the hill with Maud (literally), listening to my walkman. Summer 2000.

* You Know I'd Recognise Your Face - Tim Buckley:
Home, Sassenage, France. Having a bath on the day we got back from India. Wishing we hadn't come back. November 1993.

* American X - BRMC:
New York. Hungover as hell, trying to get through my day, wishing I could have another vodka to get through it. Summer 2008.

* On The Nickel - Tom Waits:
Melton Mowbray, England. *****, drunk, blasting this song from the living room late at night. Me, lying awake in bed, wondering if I made myself into a tiny ball it would all stop. 1986 or 87.
(I have other, much better memories that are associated with this song, this is just the first one that came to mind).

* Blood Sugar Sex Magik - RHCP:
Going across Switzerland and Germany in a bus. School trip to Prague with all of the 3emes from College Stendhal, 1992.

* I'd Rather Go Blind - Etta James:
Brooklyn, New York. I just associate this song with all the emotions that someone makes me feel. All 2009. Still today.

And yes - this is work in progress :)

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