Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nostalgia (2005)

I remember this post from my old Livejournal. I like to reread it when I'm feeling disjointed.

"Sometimes our emotions take us by surprise
The afternoon is ending, and it feels like a beautiful end-of-summer day, like those I remember back in Grenoble at the beginning of school years. The nights turn in earlier, the air is fresher, the smells are different and it makes me nostalgic.
Remember running through the rain, a bottle of Listel Gris in one hand, a cigarette in the other, singing "Je je suis libertine" at the tops of our voices? Sitting in the St Germain drinking espresso after espresso while planning our next prank. Paradoxical decadence all around, notes left in the letter box belonging to the "Coureurs de Jupons" (Nico, Vincent and Julien, otherwise known as Little Mouse, Mephisto and Coureur de Jupons), drunkenly waltzing with Arnault in random parties we had invited ourselves to. Turning up at random concerts and spending the evening drinking bottles of wine we had smuggled in in the bathroom, trying to get rid of the "groupies" who kept hanging around because they wanted what we had; burning Voltaire over the river; roaming for hours around Paris looking for something we couldn't find. And finally watching both of our lives come tumbling down and not being able to help each other.
One day I will revisit the past and make it all right again. In the meantime, one hides behind her hair, one drinks his talents into oblivion, one still tries to find someone who will love him, one has found the woman he wanted and deserves, one lives half way across the world and the other still hasn't found himself.
There will be a day when we all find ourselves in the same room again, and it will be just the same. Because years may pass, but some things never change."


CJR said...

this made my heart stretch...
I want you to write a novel Jade I know I would want to submerge myself in it, the kind of book you're sad to finish...


Paradox said...

I really want to one day... Soon.