Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bauhaus show - November 2005

Memories from the Bauhaus gig in 2005. Nokia Times Sq Theatre. I got VIP/backstage passes after interviewing Kevin Haskins on the phone a few weeks before. It was like a dream come true...

Am suffering from post-gig depression...
Last night was fantastic! I met up with David in front of the venue at 7:30, we went straight to the box office. My name wasn't on the list (I was a little worried it might not be), so I called the tour manager and she told me that she would make sure it was on there in the next 15 mins. She called me back 5 mins later apologising profusely and telling me that I was now on the list. So David and me went to grab a drink before picking up the passes. When I went back to the box office I found out I had 3 tickets and passes!!! So we called Jonathan and told him to make his way down pronto.
We had another drink inside and just as the gig was starting I looked up on the balcony and saw XXX. So we made our way there as it was the VIP section and we had passes, and had more to drink, rocked out to the awesome Bauhaus performance and just had a great time. XXX looked really bored, and he was with 2 girls, one of which is his gf I think. The two girls were having a great time though! I didn't speak to him, because it would have looked stupid...
After the show ended (they played a great setlist, ending with Bela), we waited around to go backstage. Then David J. came out and it was as if they weren't going to let us go, so I saw the tour manager, asked her if I could see Kevin, told her my name and then told me to come backstage. Kevin is the nicest guy ever, and even put up with my drunken ramblings for 5 minutes, poor guy!!!
There was supposed to be an aftershow party at a place that was viewing David J's artwork, so we got in a car with some people we met at the gig and drove down there (funny incident, I thought I was going to puke in the car so when we were nearly there I just got out and walked away, nearly puked in a big plant pot and then felt better). Then David came along, dragged me into a bodega and got me a bottle of water and we made our way to the bar/viewing place. It was packed and kinda boring, and in my drunken haze I got it into my mind that we had to go to the Darkroom.
We met up with Keith and Mark, stopped off at a gay bar where there were ugly male strippers dancing on the bar, then David and Jonathan went home and I dragged Keith and Mark to the Darkroom, saw it was very boring and left again immediately and got a cab home.

When I woke up this morning (hating myself, my pounding head and the fact that it was only 8:30am) I had a, probably stupid, idea... Seeing as my name hadn't been on the list for Friday, maybe they had put it on Saturdays... You never know. So I'm going to go down there at 7pm just to see... If it's not then tant pis, if it is then Iliana's coming with me. This time I want to see the gig stonecold sober. Argh why didn't I buy tix for both nights????"

Hahaha - this just made me laugh out loud remembering it :D

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