Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gloomy day...

I don't know if I wanted Autumn to descend on us THIS fast. So gloomy. I can't concentrate on anything work-related this week, everything is giving me a headache, earache, backache... I just want to be at home reading, watching a movie, dreaming in the bath, hanging out with Meg and laughing about silly stories. Anything but sitting at my increasingly messy desk on the 40th floor, listening to the wind howl around me.

BLAH is pissing me off and I feel like I all I am saying to her nowadays is what a bad friend she is and how selfishly she is acting, and how she just drops anything that is important in her life to hang out with a guy who has pretty much treated her like a maggot for the past 5 years.
The excuse? "I am manic and depressed and confused". Well, yes, so am I. Doesn't give you license to act like an asshole. And... Eh. I will shut up now.

California in just over a week. Excited to see my siblings as it has been way too long. And of course my darling Fury dog. And my beloved Monterey. And finally a new tattoo...

Last of all: the new Grinderman album is awesome.


Karli said...

It's going to rain here on sunday and I am SO excited! That's because.. it rarely happens :)
Meh we are ALL manic, depressed and confused. It's not an excuse to be a bad friend. And the guy will just treat her the same way she ALLOWS him to treat her.. sad but true.
California is SO ready for you!! I cannot wait to see you :)

typhoid kitteh said...

Karli knows what's up. California, Jerd! Finally! In a week - different weather, different coast, your sister and brother and FURY..and NO nazi arsenal snax.

btw i have started planning our Connecticut road trip so we can see the leaves turning and find graveyards and old houses to photograph. we'll go apple picking and'll be amazing.

we'll wear long black dresses and big stomping boots, smoke fake cigarettes and traipse about New England finding ghosts. you may even be able to convince me to wear a witch's hat.

we can even post on facebook to see if anyone has an extra couch or two for us!!! hahaha

so please don't bother about empty people and their dark energy and black holes trying to suck you in.

easier said than done, i know, but try to remember what's coming up in the next couple weeks - you'll get time to be just JADE and rejuvenate both yourself and your HAPPINESS, and there's nothing better than that!

love you more than argyle, xox

p.s. i will wear the red polka-dot heart sunglasses this time, and we will look for zehbrah-print ones for you please.

Paradox said...

Mergy and Kerli you both rule my world and I love you both SO much xoxoxox

Karli said...

Oh goodness I just pissed myself reading Merg's comment. I want to see pictures NOW of witch hat stomping apple orchards!!

<3 you ladies