Sunday, October 24, 2010

Music, memories and Tom Waits

Excerpt from written journal post, on the LIRR back from Mum's house late this afternoon:

Whenever I listen to Tom Waits "Closing Time" or "Heartattack and Vine" (album) I immediately feel safe. It's strange, because there are many (good) reasons why I should never be able to listen to "Heartattack and Vine" (specifically to "On The Nickel" which has to be one of my favourite Tom Waits songs). but any bad memories the album should bring back are overwritten by the feeling of being protected by my parents. As soon as I hear Tom Waits' voice I am cloaked by a feeling of protection and warmth, bringing me back to childhood winters, sitting in front of the open fire in the living room, writing stories, making up alternative lives, pretending and even convincing myself that everything was ok.
This probably explains why I always listen to Tom Waits when I feel upset and/or threatened.

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