Sunday, November 21, 2010

New challenge - Russian

I like to set myself challenges. I like to make myself happy by beating these challenges.
The last one was a tough one, I quit smoking, and now I feel like I am past all the hurdles and running on safe ground, so it's time to focus on something new, to give myself a new challenge to accomplish within a set time frame.

I studied some Russian and long long time ago, back in my early teens. Sunday afternoons spent at a little old Russian lady's house in Seyssins, France. She didn't really speak any English or French, but she managed to teach us the basics: alphabet, grammar, basic speech. I could read Russian and make myself understood, but without continuing to practice, I don't remember anything.

I love Russian. I love the spoken language, the characters, the history of Russia, Russian literature. I always told myself that one day I would read Tolstoy in the original. Even the finest translation cannot beat reading a magnificent novel in the original.

Anyway... next challenge is to teach myself Russian. By next May I will have mastered the basic language (spoken and written), will be able to hold a conversation in Russian and will be able to read a book in Russian. Check back in at a later date for updates!

In the meantime: Счастье
(I google translated that).

1 comment:

CJR said...

How awesome!!

I LOVE the Russian characters - to me, learning to speaking a language that is in a different alphabet seems like the ultimate challenge!
and I know you'll do it!

sending you ultimate positive vibes for this one!