Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hate threats on the internet - targeting women

I was thinking about this a few months ago when I heard from my sister that one of her friends had found out her picture had been posted on a website designed to point out and mock people, mainly insult them and make them feel like shit. I really can't stand that cowardice. If I don't like someone, or I don't agree with their lifestyle, I will either tell them and explain why (if they are in a close circle of friends) or just not have anything to do with them. Why would I get a kick out of posting a picture of them in a public place and writing mean, insulting, and derogatory things about them so that hundreds of people can laugh behind their computer screens??

And then this morning I read this article: ittybiz.com - Death Threats Online
Whaaaaaaat?!? By reading this obviously talented lady's website, you can see is that she is a smart, funny, witty and very well written woman, who voices her opinions, and who gives some great insight and marketing tips to people running very small businesses. Cool, no? Helpful, definitely. Worthy of being bullied and threatened with her life?? NO.
Why?? What has Naomi Dunford done to ANYONE that would make her feel that her life is threatened?? Just because she is a woman who voices her opinions??
I'm disgusted. What is WRONG with people? Sitting behind your computers typing crap about other people because you don't have the talent or courage to try making a difference yourself?

Please pass this along, and to all my fellow women blogger friends, please post about this in your own blogs.

Naomi - you rock.

Some information if you are being targeted by cyber bullies, and what you can do: Halt Abuse
For help on Cyber Bullying at school: Stop Cyber Bullying

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