Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Running, running, running

Running really does make me happy... Who would have thought?!
I got home from work, threw on my running clothes and shoes (and knee brace-thing as I have a wobbly right knee at the moment) and ran a couple of miles around my neighbourhood, down Evergreen, over Flushing, around the lofts, up Johnson, down Bushwick and the Varet and back up past Flushing. That hill from Flushing up to Jefferson on Everygreen is a bit of a killer when you take it at the end, but it's a good extra work out.

I think this all started as a way to work out, but now it's also a way to let off steam, be by myself with some music, time to let my mind wander and think about what may be and what may happen...

For some reason I always listen to the Stones while running - they motivate me. And the Stones channel on Pandora is just perfect.

I'm already dreading the days where the snow is going to stop me from running.

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