Friday, September 2, 2011

Carl Cox Mixer app - shooting the commercial

Back in 1996 my sister and our friend Daphné wouldn't stop going on about Carl Cox spinning at our local techno/house room in one of the nightclubs surrounding Grenoble (CO2 was the name of the room). I even think that they dragged me along, and I probably danced my ass off when I was there (even though I was the token goth on the techno dance floor, nothing has really changed there!).

Fast-forward to today and I had the honour to not only meet the Techno/House DJ legend, but also star in a commercial with him!
My close and extremely talented friend Dana Distortion was shooting a commercial for the Carl Cox Mixer app, developed by Musicsoft Arts. The commercial took place in a room at the Thompson LES (rockstar haven apparently), and included about 12 of us dancing our asses off around Carl Cox himself, who DJ'd for us using his iPad. SO COOL! He's SO nice and down to earth. This guy literally DJs to hundreds of thousands of people at a time, and we pretty much got a free show. i seriously had a blast, and wish I could do this type of production more often.
So much fun!

Here's the man himself, with Dana, Mariné and me :)

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