Saturday, September 17, 2011

Me Without You - movie review

I LOVE coming of age movies. Especially ones that are about two best friends who grow up together and who do fun things, like, you know, go to goth parties, and hang out in squats with punks. NOTHING like what I did growing up at all of course. I never went to a goth party, or hung out with punks in squats, or did any kind of illegal underage drinking or hash smoking, EVER.
I just love stories that you can relate to. We all had one best friend who knew everything about us, who was always there, through thick and thin, and who we would have massive fights with and make up with two minutes later.
Because of all of the above I am really surprised I had never seen, or even heard of, Me Without You before. A British film, based in the Isle of Wight and Brighton in the late 70's through to the early 2000's, the movie depicts the friendship between Holly (Michelle Williams) and Marina (Ana Friel), next door neighbours and best friends, and the things they go to together. I loved Holly, and identified with her much more than I did with Marina. Holly is the quiet, understated, literary one, while Marina is the wild, messed up, somewhat toxic friend.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. A lot. Especially when I heard the first chords of Tim Buckley's Strange Feeling during one scene. A movie with Tim Buckley on the soundtrack can never be a bad movie!

For anyone who enjoyed the following: An Education, Wish You Were Here, 10 Things I Hate About You, Almost Famous, The Breakfast Club...

I love Michelle Williams - she never fails to be completely enchanting in any role that she takes on.

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n. said...

this is one of my favorite movies ever! i have it on dvd :)