Friday, September 9, 2011

One leaked video is not a reason to sue a fan

Just a few days ago the new, but yet to be released video, of an artist I used to admire leaked. I don’t know who leaked it, or how it got out before its official release date, but it was readily available on the webwaves, and quickly went viral. People retweeted it on Twitter, reblogged it on Tumblr, posted it on forums and blogs and emailed links to everyone they thought would want to see it. I saw the video, it was pretty good, nothing over-the-top spectacular, but worked with the song.

I just want to preface this post with the fact that I used to absolutely LOVE this artist, she was one of my teen idols, and I thought she was amazing, until she lost it. I’m actually listening to one of her band’s old albums from the 90’s right now and I still know every word off by heart.

Anyway, this artist in question has a bad habit of opening Twitter accounts, posts nearly unintelligible posts like a maniac, and then closes her account for a few months. She always pops back up again, just like she has done recently. As soon as she learnt that her new video had leaked she, and her current entourage, started to attack people who had either posted the video somewhere, or who had retweeted it. Threatened to sue these people if they didn’t not only take the video down immediately, but also if they didn’t tell where they actually got the video from.

So what’s the deal people? Why are you going after the fans who are spreading the video because they love you as an artist? Why not look in the right direction, towards your “inner circle” to see who actually had access to the HD version of the final cut, as this is the person who probably leaked the video. Threatening to sue a bunch of people who are still, after all the shit they had to put up with you, your fans is just stupid. Maybe if you spent a little time trying to fix all those good ties and connections you used to have with people instead of tweeting inane rants about nothing, then a lot of us would regain a little of the respect and love we used to have for you.

Makes me SO angry.

I buy most of the music I own, unless it is given to me. I go to a lot of shows, I buy merchandise. But I WILL watch a leaked video if I am given the chance. Doesn’t mean I won’t buy the song if it’s any good once it comes out.

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