Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This week's movie list 09/06/11

I don't own Cable TV anymore, haven't for months. I'm always adding random movies to my Netflix Instant queue, and now that I finally have more time on my hands I'm actually able to sit down watch some of them... Or even make it to the cinema!

Here goes for this week (and they aren't all recommendations):

1). Rise of the Planet of the Apes: I saw this one at the cinema last night, and was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it. And how human it is... Definitely recommend it.
And remember: don't go around adopting baby chimps and leaving them exposed to braincell rebuilding drugs. You may end up with some highly intelligent chimp issues on your hands...
On another note: am I the only woman in the world who is not entirely enamoured by James Franco?

2). Love and Other Drugs: I watched about 20 minutes of this and was grinding my teeth in irritating. Both Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal play two of the most obnoxiously annoying characters. I switched it off, so if it does get better further along, then so be it. I couldn't wait it out. Sorry.

3). Winter's Bone: Oh it's bleak. Believe the hype - it's bleak from the first minute til the last. But it's GOOD. Did any of you ever read the Heaven series by Virginia Andrews? That's what I was reminded of when I watched Winter's Bone. Except for the moonshine has been replaced by meth, otherwise the same type of deep America, rural, fucked up life. I already want to see Jennifer Lawrence in more roles - she's great.

4). Army of Crime (L'armee du crime): wonderful French movie, based on the story of a group of Communist resistants during World War 2. Led by the Armenian poet Missak Manouchian, the group of French Jews, Armenian refugees and Italian and Spanish Communists plot attacks against the Nazis in France... The film and the direction are just so French, I don't know how else to explain it. There's is always some type of beauty, power and strong emotion in each shot, even in the torture scenes.
A gem.

5). Glorious 39: I don't know about this one... Set in England in 1939 the story tells of a mystery within a rich family, focusing on the life of one of the daughters, Anne, and the mystery she seems to be unraveling. The plot is all a little far-fetched in my opinion, but I couldn't stop watching it. In any case, the costumes were pretty amazing - I need to get a red polka dot dress made in the same style as the one Anne is wearing in the first scenes.
I love Bill Nighy (he plays the father).

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