Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who reads this?

I would love to know who actually reads this blog on a regular basis... i see a bunch of visitors come in from the same places on a regular basis, and would love to know what you like and don't like, what you would like to read more about, and what you get bored with...
I see someone from Grenoble in France, where I grew up, who reads me regularly, but I don't know if it is someone who knows me or not... Mysterious... ;-)

I started this blog in 2007, when I wrote on a semi-regular basis (mainly after a long stint of drunken nights out), and I feel that it has grown with me over the years. The whole point of this blog was to force myself to write a little each day, as writing is still my favourite pastime, and I always felt I wasn't giving myself the time to do so.

Now that I left my job, I will be writing a lot more, and would love to have some feedback, or know who actually takes the time to read the tings I post. In the end it's all about what I am thinking, what I love, what I hate and what I want others to know, peppered with a sarcastic story here and there.

We all know that other humans actions and thoughts sometimes make for the best stories...


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Bridezilla said...

I read yr blog all the time! It's on my Google Reader list. ;)