Friday, October 14, 2011

My 112 Best Tracks From The Past 15 Years

I used to read NME and Melody Maker every summer when I was a teenager (only in the summer, because I was only in England during the summer. France was sadly devoid of this type of publication). All those articles in 1995 about Richie Edwards disappearance and Hole's Reading performance, The Levellers, New Model Army tours, Blur VS Oasis, Oasis VS Oasis, Brett Anderson, Glastonbury etc etc.
Anyway! Apparently has been around for 15 years (I'm surprised it's been that long already, but am not going to make myself feel old, so lets move away from that topic rapidly). For their 15 year anniversary they posted a list of what they thought were the 150 Best Tracks Of The Past 15 Years (click on the link to see them).

Now, it does say that it is a list of songs that meant the most to them over the course of the past 15 years. So, of course, I have to completely disagree, and even further, I had to make my own one. It took me all day, so someone had better appreciate it. Or at least listen to it. Then again I'll play it at 200 Orchard during my next shift, so you should come and listen to it.

I kind of wished that it were still 2010, because there were a lot of albums released in 1995 that I REALLY wanted to use. I also realised how much "old" music I listen to, much more than "new" bands. So it took me quite a few hours to painstakingly choose one song per artist that meant something to me personally and also was released between 1996 and today... And then I decided to add some artists more than once, because they just need to be on this list and I couldn't choose just one song. My list is VERY different from the one that NME published, so I suppose we lost track of each other over the past 15 years (probably at the time that I spent too much time dancing the night away in goth clubs or stage diving at black metal shows or discussing radical politics around cheap wine bottles). I don't know, listen, enjoy, comment...

Here is a complete track listing:

Link to track listing

And here is the playlist on Spotify:
My 15 Year Version


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