Saturday, October 22, 2011

Playlist - Female Voices

For some reason that I can't actually remember I started making a playlist of songs sang by women last night. Actually, going back through my thought process, it started with me randomly listening to Catatonia, remembering how much I liked them in the 90's and then automatically moving on to Mazzy Star and Garbage. Then I just decided to make a playlist of female artists who had touched me at some point in my life, and most probably continue to do so. It started smallish and then just grew to 123 songs. There are probably some that I missed, and there is definitely more than one song for those that I would (and most likely still do) listen to over and over again. I had to reduce some in places, and I wish I could have added more of others, but I think it's quite complete.

A lot of the 90's favourites like Hole, L7, Belly, Throwing Muses, passing through Stevie Nicks, Tracy Chapman, all my favourite Motown ladies, Etta and Ella, on to some 80's (I nearly forgot Madonna, but added her at the last minute), my folky ladies, and some newer talents. And of course, Don't Need The Sunshine, my favourite Catatonia song.

I will make a playlist of male voices in the next few days!

Enjoy - link to playlist on Spotify below.

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