Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Cure @ Beacon Theater, Friday 11/25/2011

This isn't a review. This is just me being me and gushing. Or whatever I do whenever The Cure is involved. Yes, that.

Actually I don't even know what to say just yet. The whole experience was completely surreal and dream-like. The last time I saw The Cure I was 21, and it was in the spring of 2000 during the Bloodflowers tour. They played for three and a half hours and at the Summum in Grenoble of all places, so I didn't even have to travel to see them. Yesterday I saw The Cure play Three Imaginary Boys then Seventeen Seconds and then Faith in their entirety. With the original line-up.


I'm still completely blown away by it, and I don't really know what to say. I also saw most of the show from the front, which made the experience even more dreamlike.

Ahhhh.... I always forget how much I love Faith until I listen to it again. It's been on repeat all day in my apartment. I felt 16 again last night, and love that this band can still make me feel this way.

NOT videos from the show... Just my favourite songs.

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