Thursday, April 19, 2012

Music: Ren Harvieu

Just last week I was complaining that I didn't feel like I had been inspired by music by new musicians anymore, and that I was just sticking with all my favourites. Granted, I have a lot of favourites, many of whom continue to release albums, so I am never short of new music to listen to. Just new musicians/bands/singers etc. I've been thinking about it all week since my last music-related post... You know, that feeling of listening to a song and immediately feeling a dozen different emotions at once, and then getting all excited about discovering a new, brilliant album that you will listen to over and over and over again, and subsequently force everyone else to listen to. I remember when that happened to me with Karen Elson a couple of years ago. I literally fell in love with her album on the first listen, listened to it over and over again for weeks, and was really excited when I got to see her play a show to a small crowd at the Studio at Webster Hall. I've been waiting for her to release some new material for a while, and noticed that there was a new video announced on her Facebook page... A duet with woman called Ren Harvieu.

So I watched the video (and loved the song of course), and then started looking up who this Ren Harvieu with this beautiful voice was. It appears that she is British, has an album coming out on May 7th, had an accident last year that should have left her paralyzed but that she managed to recover from and has an amazing voice. I have such a soft spot for strong female voices and characters, especially ones who send chills down my spine when they sing, with or without musical instruments accompanying them. You just have to listen to her over of my love Roy Orbison's Crying (see below) to see what I mean... Stunning. I couldn't stop listening to her and tried to find anything online that I could play via Spotify or download and put on my ipod... Nothing available in the US unfortunately... It doesn't even look like you can buy the album on iTunes here when it comes out... So I am going to continue to watch videos on youtube until some nice soul who lives in England sends me her album.

YAY I am so excited to have finally found a musician to be excited about again! And my lovely friend Charlie just told me that she would send me the album when it comes out, so now I am over the moon. Cue jumping up and down and looking like an idiot ;)
Have a listen and a look below...

Official website
Ren Harvieu Facebook

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