Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Simply because you're mine"

I walked out of my apartment building a nearly walked straight into Scarlett Johansson sitting on a bench, reading a book. The girl is more beautiful in real life, and yes, it is possible. I had to call Dylan in California to make him jealous. Maybe it will make him move to New York faster than he was planning (but I don't think so).

I am so glad I didn't stay out all night last night. I was out til 6am on Thursday night, and although I did pass out at around 4am at Dawn and Audra's I still felt dead to me at work all day Friday. So last night was relaxed - dinner at Eric's restaurant with Karli and Audra, a quick drink at Fat Baby where Audra was DJing and then home. Passed out watching Wimbledon. Ever since someone on the Viperroom said that Kirsten Dunst looked like Billy Corgan I can't help noticing it too (look at the teeth!!).

Tiswas tonight as usual. Hope Rosie will make it out - I haven't seen her since Monday night when I jumped over the wall at Darkroom because I was so excited to see her.

So much happened during the month of May that I am trying to be a lighthearted as possible and enjoy myself. Even if enjoying myself means getting wasted, waking up saying "where's my Stoli" and looking tired, it's better than having to think and think and rethink a lot of things. They can stay where they are for now - I will deal with it all at a later date in time.

I want to go dancing to goth. Real goth.

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