Sunday, June 24, 2007

Baby did you forget to take your meds?

I'm irritated right now. I finally felt like myself again today - my mind felt cleansed and active, no more of that awful fog that I had been trying to clear the wrong way. Then I tried to activate my new bank card and the idiots on the phone couldn't do it. So I tried to call the lost card center to get them to reactivate the other card that I had reported stolen (long story but I lost my wallet at Hiro on Thursday night but found it again the next day). The bloody idiots there couldn't activate it either. Now it has to wait until tomorrow morning. Seeing as I have been overdrawn since last Tuesday and get paid tomorrow I WANT TO SPEND MONEY.


Finally got round to sorting all my cds out. Sooo many memories of trawling through music shops in so many countries trying to find Cure singles. Wondering why I have 2 versions of High and then remembering I NEEDED the US version as well as the European version. I miss being so obsessed sometimes.

I stayed in last night. Much needed. Got hit by a major stab of nostalgia of those Saturday nights when everything was happiness. Dancing at the other end of the bar, yelling RicardOOOOOO wooo woooo! etc etc. Yelling HAPPINESS. Happiness may come back again, however much things have changed in the past few months...

Gary's celebrating his birthday next weekend. So I may find myself in Jersey. Yes. I need Karli time and I need beach time. Both happening at once would be pure fun.

I don't miss myself anymore, I just miss you.

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