Saturday, July 14, 2007

And I cry and no one can hear

I did manage to get to the Courtney Love show at Hiro on Thursday. I didn't land at LGA until 11:25, but managed to rush home, change and make it to 16th and Ninth by 12:30. K, A and L the L had gone inside with D when she got there, and there were a bunch of people in line who couldn't get in. The security guys were really being assholes, but A got me in so I got to see the last half of the show. The high point was screaming along to Northern Star with K, but I wasn't too impressed with the overall show. The new songs are good, but I need to hear them recorded to get a real opinion. I didn't think the band sounded that together, but they looked like they were having fun.
She played some Hole stuff (Miss World, Doll Parts, Celebrity Skin, Northern Star), but I didn't hear anything from America's Sweetheart, which, despite all the bad reviews and no-publicity, is a really good album.

I'm looking forward to the "real" tour and album. The band and Courtney are still warming up (Courtney couldn't remember the lyrics for some songs and had to read them off a piece of paper). Once they tighten up, Courts gets her roar back and eats a little bit more so that power and energy reappears, I will be happy. I still have faith that she can blow us away - it just waned a little.

After the show I went to The Skinny, was drunk got home around 3:30 and went to sleep feeling extremely emo. That's what exhaustion will do for you I guess.

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