Saturday, July 14, 2007

I just can't stay here every yesterday

I'm exhausted but bored. I have just been thinking of how many Stolis on the rocks I can drink before blacking out and counting the number of bruises (12) on my legs. BORing. I am running out of cigarettes and quarters to buy cigarettes with. And if I leave my apartment my legs may automatically carry me to the DR to drink myself stupid while MH plays music. Yeah I'm only barred from there when the person I used to consider my brother (otherwise known as the psycho) is away. Funny thing is I don't even care anymore.
Die fucker die.
It's fine - cos L the L replaced him and is a much better AND real friend to me than the psycho ever was. Who calls me immediately on receipt of a text that says "I feel so sad today".

It's been over three weeks and I am still completely obsessed (maybe more and more every day) with the new Interpol album. However, I've been listening to Letter to Elise on a loop for the past few days because it makes me cry and because I feel sad, bad nostalgic, doomed and depressed. Blah. If I got more than an average of 3 hours sleep a night/day do you think the mood would lift? Ellipsis.

Oooh Paradox Twin (not from birth) and me have taken to having sober evenings where we go out for dinner and talk. They are so much fun.

Anyone who deciphers the acronym "MH" gets a kiss.

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