Sunday, May 25, 2008

Haha it feels like a rerun of Friday night. Me on the inside door (without Meg this time), Alex DJing... Same songs, same douchebags. Probably not the same ending but we will see. I am so happy at the moment. I am not asking for anything to happen, I just know it will at one point. I am talking about a multitude of things. Work, love, friends, my life in general.
Some bitch made my friend cry today. Seeing as she has a habit of trolling myspace and peopls blogs I guess she will end up reading this. Exactly why I even bothered to mention it. Just don't make my friends cry. Actually don't be super nice to my friends all of a sudden after you were a bitch to them for months. People are suspicious when that happens.
Am glad I don't have drama anymore. Ha!!!

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