Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm so happy for the three day weekend! Work has been insane for the past few weeks, and I haven't even been out since last weekend! I'm DJing at Beauty Bar tonight, in the front room with Mark Ryan. Jonathan will be spinning in the back room as usual and a bunch of people will be coming. Even people from work as no one has to get up tomorrow. It should be a blast!

So how come I rest all week (well not including the insane stress at work which I would not lump into the "resting" category) and I start getting sick? My throat hurts and I have a dry cough that is really irritating. This will not stop me from having a much deserved Stoli on the rocks at 10:30pm. And then from sleeping all day tomorrow, watching the fireworks from the Gretsch building where Keith lives and then going to Home Sweet Home tomorrow night. I'm planning on staying away from Ludlow more at the moment, as it tends to get me down. What upsets me is that I hate being stuck in a rut, and I hate seeing my talented friends not doing anything with their talent (not all though - I am happy for those who have the drive and the courage to reach out and grab what is rightfully theirs). And I am tired of the drama, the gossip, the black outs...
Am just going to focus on work and being happy right now.


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