Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cabdrivers can be evil

When I first moved here four years ago cab drivers used to be extremely reluctant to go anywhere in Brooklyn. Luckily for me, I never needed to go to Brooklyn. When I moved to Bushwick last year things had changed alot, and I probably came across two or three cab drivers who complained about having to cross the bridge. Until last night.
I had a great time at the Cruel Black Dove and Blacklist shows (see other blog for a write up in the next few days), followed by a more irritating few hours, ending with food at Remedy. Larry put me in a cab just before 3am, I closed the car door, and had the following intensely annoying conversation:

Me: "Bushwick please - take the Williamsburg Bridge and then follow Broadway to Myrtle"
Cabdriver: "Oh well that guy over there was in front of you so you need to give him the cab"
Me: "Um no, I don't think so."
Cabdriver: "Well yes you do because I don't want him to complain"
Me: "He just got another cab, so there isn't an issue. Unless of course you don't want to go to Brooklyn, and you don't have a choice now that I am in the cab."
Cabdriver: "You didn't notice the 'off duty' light was on. You have to get out Ma'am"
Me: "I will be the one complaining you shiteous human being"

[followed by me slamming the cab door and cab driver - minus off duty light on - screeching away down Ave A].

Maybe I should either:
1). Never go out again
2). Get the J train during the night and brave the crackheads/murderers/scary people
3). Stay out til after 4am as I never had a problem when I used to drink
4). Try to really remember the cabdivers number and see if complaining really works
5). Chalk it up to yet another charming incident that ruins my mood

Ahhh New York. I love you.

PS - I now wish people would stop telling me they prefer me sober. Yes I prefer myself sober too, but I also prefer you all sober. And it's beginning to sound a little hypocritical. Thanks.

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