Thursday, May 27, 2010

The craziest project of all

Sometimes I think that I have seen it all at work: insane clients, bi-polar clients, projects that make no sense, clients that go MIA for 3 weeks and reappear and decide the project MUST be finished within 24 hours etc etc. But this one is really way out there. Twenty people involved on the client end with no main point of contact. Different people sending me different components in the most convoluted manner. For example, they found a list of images that hadn't been translated... Instead of sending me the text in one file,three different people sent me three separate files and then set a conference call up to "walk me through it", and left me with an hour of work figuring out how to consolidate it all!!
Setting a deadline of 06/01 8 months ago and not moving in when they finally sign the contracts on May 1st, even though there is 3 months of work needed in order to get even part of the project done. And the worst part of it... 3 hour calls every day, including Saturday and Sunday, to go over and over and over a list of bugs. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Keep in mind that they all seem to working against each other internally, or at least not communicating, not always listening to me, and have a wonderful expectation that I sit around day in day out just waiting to hop on calls with them.

If I make it though to the launch date without killing someone, smashing my computer or jumping out of the window I will be very proud of myself.

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