Saturday, May 29, 2010

Writers are rockstars too!

Stephanie (Kuehnert) was in town for some writer/book-related events this week and I was able to prise myself away from work for a couple of hours to stop by to see her talk and do a short reading on a panel at Book of Wonders on West 18th St. Someone in the audience asked her why she mixed so much music into her writing and her answer (paraphrased as I cannot remember the exact words) was "I always wanted to be a rockstar, and because I don't have any musical talents, I write about how music inspires me instead". I feel the same way. Music and Literature are my safe havens, the two main art forms that inspire me, render me speechless, help me evolve and help me move on. In my opinion Stephanie is as much a rockstar as PJ Harvey, as although PJ adds music to her words, Stephanie's words just move along with the music in my head.
And a book I love signed personally by the author is just as precious to me as an album signed by one of my favourite musicians.

My signed copy of "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" by Stephanie Kuehnert (signed during our trip to Seattle in April 2009):

Melissa Walker was also on the panel, and signed my copy of "Lovestruck Summer":

This book made me want to move to Austin...

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