Friday, August 27, 2010

Stow, MA

It finally stopped raining yesterday and I woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the pines. When I am in the city it can be raining, snowing, sunny, whatever the weather, I don't really mind being in the office all day (well I DO, but not because of the weather). When it is nice and sunny here, all you want to do is be outside, go for walks in the woods and NOT be cooped up inside. It makes me realise how much I really miss the countryside, the peace, the colours. yes, I love the city, but I also love being away from it.

Anyway, I made the most of the sun yesterday evening and walked down to the old graveyard I had visited in the rain the night before. I stayed there for an hour just taking pictures of different gravestones and shadows, on both my phone and my camera. Experimented with different settings on my camera to see what effects I could produce. They look pretty cool on the camera screen, but I will have to wait and see how well I did when I get home later tonight. There was a certain feeling I wanted the images to capture.

After my graveyard photo-stint I walked back to the B&B (Stowaway Inn - beautiful house with a wonderful innkeeper called Celia), had some dinner, and then made the most of it being till light out and continued up the road. About 50 yards up the road I came across a little creek that opens up into a small lake... The sun was setting behind the pines and produced an amazing light behind the trees AND on the water. I got all excited, dumped my bag down in the pine needles and took a lot of pieces, not even caring about the mysterious bugs that kept landing on me (pine bugs? huge mosquitoes??).

All in all it was pretty much a perfect last evenign during my stay here. The peace and quite has done me the world of good. I don't know if I am fully ready to go back to the city tonight, but I feel so much more inspired and happier. More than I have done in a long time. It's easy to forget that there is a whole world outside of NYC when you live there...

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