Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interpol - Music Hall of Williamsburg 09/10/2010

Previously I was pretty sad and disappointed by how the new album sounded, seeing as Interpol have been such a big part of my life for so long...

Well they did an impromptu show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (my second favourite venue) in NYC last night and I got to see them. And they were AMAZING. Nothing has changed (except for Carlos' presence, more on that in a bit). I had forgotten exactly how much I loved them, and how big a part of my life the music had been for a long time.

It brought back so many memories...
Lynn and me, seeing the very last two shows from the Antics tour here in NYC in 2005
Listening to NYC while getting on my first subway ride in NYC and realising that I was REALLY here
Darkroom and Darkroom basement and 2005 and 2006
Listening to Rest My Chemistry and realising I needed to do the same
Wednesday nights

Anyway - there are lots more, but I won't bore everyone with a nostalgia trip - I'll just enjoy it myself.

The new songs sound good live - so I am going to give the album another try with a different ear. It was a little strange at first not to see Carlos on stage, and the new bassist Dave Pajo seems to fit in fine.

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CJR said...

Dave Pajo? AWESOME!

sounds great.
and what a lovely venue to see them in :)