Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rotating personalities and more

Sometimes you think you know someone really well and then all of a sudden they change and become someone completely different, someone you would never ever have even bothered to get to know. Or they never were the person you thought they were in the beginning anyway, and now you are seeing the real them. For the former, if you are over the age of 30, well that tends to happen to only people with no personality or no self-confidence; for the latter then they just were not worth your time anyway, so don't stop to think about them a moment longer in your life.

And then there are those people who make changes in their lives, sometimes for the better, other times for the worst, but who remain themselves at the core. Those people with whom you don't always agree, who you sometimes upset, and who sometimes upset you, but in the end, they are the people who always surprise you by turning around, hugging you, and letting you know they are still who they always were. There are a couple of people in my life who are this way, and the fact that they are still here makes me happy. As well as the fact that they are doing things for themselves that is making me love them even more.

I'm rambling... Because for all the people who have disappointed me this year, these two never changed who they were and will always be there for me (even though I didn't speak to one of them for three months). And this is for them...

There's nothing wrong with CHANGE. Just don't go around changing your entire personality every time something new and more important/interesting/better drug comes along. Unless of course you are practising the art of acting. In that case stop practicing and go and perform, and when you come back be yourself.

I'll come back to this topic at some point in time but I just wanted to get the gist of it out there tonight. And now I am going to go to bed with my book, read about the evilness of the Stalin regime in the 1930's, and then hopefully not have nightmares about said evilness.


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