Monday, December 13, 2010

Developing film

What happened to getting your film developed in drug stores?! Less than a year ago I dropped a disposable camera off and got it developed in a Duane Reade. Now I can't even buy a roll of film there, and when I went to see if they still did their photo developing service I was told "we don't do that anymore" (complete with shooing away gesture with hand). Great customer service people! Not EVERYONE uses digital ONLY nowadays. I know 4 people in my office alone who still use their film SLRs. It makes me sad, because if you can't develop film on any street corner anymore, it really means that it is dying out... I was a little bothered that I had to hunt for 126mm film cartridges, but having to search for 35mm rolls, and having to search for a place to develop my 24 prints?!? That's just ridiculous.

Digital prints will never last as long as film prints. And hard drives die. And digital cameras break. And memory cards can get lost. So why not at least have the option? I'm not bothered about getting my prints developed within the hour, I just want to be able to drop them off and pick them up!

Ugh. Frustrated.

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CJR said...


luckily here, you can still get them done in Boots - for now.

it makes me really sad!

goodbye record stores
goodbye film processing
goodbye real communication
hello era of shit