Monday, June 13, 2011

Gothic revival time

The below all took place in the 90's - I am obviously feeling extremely nostalgic right now!

I remember swooning over Peter Murphy and dancing in dark-lit basement bars to She's In Parties... Waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of Nick Cave before sound check... Listening to The Cure every day for YEARS, dreaming about the day that Robert Smith would marry ME and take me away to his little house in the English countryside, and re-write Love Song for ME... Dancing to Skinny Puppy amidst swirling dresses, and lace, and EBM fanatics doing push ups on the dance floor... Traveling to Lyon just to hang out with VNV Nation, falling asleep on the train on the way home... Crying to Project Pitchfork and the sadness of "Renascence" (I can still sing it from memory)... Long, long hair, black dresses, black cape, Doc Martens... Red wine and Marlboro lights... Writing dark poetry under black candlelight... Baudelaire and de Nerval, Byron, Keats and Shelley...
And who could forget, "Some Kind of Stranger" by The Sisters of Mercy... I have my mum to thank for that one...

I wish I could recreate the exact atmosphere of my life back then, it was so fragile, intense, happy and sad... I was listening to Incubus Succubus this morning, and it brought me right back to that place. I think it's time for a gothic revival party!

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