Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Idiot Neighbours From Hell - RANT

Read on for another rant about my lovely neighbours. Have fun...

Usually you have one neighbour who ruins it for the rest of the building. One neighbour who is too loud and has people over consatntly. Or one neighbour who complains about everything, and calls the cops at any given moment. or one neighbour who never takes the trash out, and leaves it in the hallway to stink the building up (until one of the other tenants gives up and dumps it in the garbage).
But what if you have half a building full of this one neighbour? What if half the building is inhabited by obnoxious neighbours and the other half just shuts up and sucks it up until their lease is up so that they can move somewhere else?

Welcome to my life.

I am seriously far from being a goody-two-shoes, as anyone who has spent any time with me knows. I was pretty well-known for my raucous partying habits back in the day; and I still indulge in a good old party nowadays (although without the copious amounts of alcohol). I like to play my music loud. I like to stay awake half of the night writing and talking to my friends. I like having random dance parties at any given time and singing at the top of my voice. And I hate my neighbours.

I actually don't really know what any of them really look like, all of their faces blend together into one type of look: young, wealthy-but-pretending-to-be-poor, rebellious, late teen early 20's, first time living away from home. In other words, annoying poser gits.

(As a side-note, annoying poser gits severely irritate me, just because actually being poor REALLY sucks, and pretending to be poor is disrespectful to those who really are).

Beth and I were the first people to ever move into this building, and are now in our fourth year. The only neighbour I recognise is the lady right next door who must be on her third lease now. Other than that it's one continuous flow of different people, month in month out.

The first floor is comprised of two duplex apartments. I suppose they should normally house around three people comfortably. But for some reason the management company keeps renting them out to students who act like the whole building is a giant dorm, running up and down the stairs to the roof, slamming doors and constantly yelling at the tops of their voices. Hosting band practice during the day (there's loads of rehearsal space to rent in Bushwick, douchebags), inviting groups of hardcore gangster-style drug dealers to their rooftop parties (you gotta know one to recognise one right?), and, get this, the last straw this past weekend, throwing glass bottles off the rooftop into the courtyard. Because that's super smart right?!

But I think what irritates me the most is... I can't STAND the music they listen to!! If it were some real rebellious teen black/death metal/goth/punk/riot grrrl/fuck the world I hate you music I would at least be able to respect them. But yelling along to Katy Perry or some other replaceable girl singer at 2am?? No. No. No. NO.

They all need to leave as soon as possible please. I'll keep the hipsters from the building next door - at least they listen to semi-decent music, grow sunflowers in their yard and have a median age of 25.

Rant over. Until next time...

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Bridezilla said...

Not to mention inviting drunk guests to the rooftop parties who try to open other people's doors at night. They all need to f* off and leave you alone!