Thursday, September 8, 2011

A special story, dear to my heart

I spend a lot of time reviewing books/movies/articles/causes that may or may not have touched me in some way, or ranting about things that annoy or upset me. Talking about my personal opinions and life when the need takes me.

Right now I would like to talk about a beautiful story that belongs to someone close to me. Just to remind everyone to look around and tell those they are close to that they love them, and to remember, that there is always hope if you are willing to fight for it.

Months ago my friend Dara told me and our group of friends that she was pregnant. We were so happy for her, because her and her husband Patrick make the most wonderful parent-material. Then back in June, Dara let us know that the little baby growing inside of her had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, meaning that his left heart ventricle was not developed. This meant that Shane (the name Dara and Patrick gave their little boy) would need an operation on delivery, another shortly afterwards, and then a third one in a few years time, this is, if he survived through the first operations. There were additional complications that came with the initial problems too.

From that day on so many of us have been sending all of our best wishes to the family, urging Shane to keep gaining weight and be strong. A few weeks ago Dara gave birth to Shane naturally (which is what she really wanted), and he has since been through the first and second operations and is doing really really well. If he continues to eat as he has been doing and put on weight, he may even be able to go home this weekend!

Even writing about this brings tears to my eyes. Little Shane is going to grow big and string, with his parents who love him so much. And knowing how strong Dara and Patrick remained through-out everything. They are two of the bravest people I know.

If you would like to hear more information on how Dara and Patrick coped with this, and how Shane continues to fare as he grows bigger and stronger, please let me know <3

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