Thursday, September 1, 2011

João Silva speech in the NY Times - great read!

A few weeks ago I posted about the book The Bang-Bang Club - Snapshots From a Hidden War. I was profoundly marked by the experiences of the four South African photographers who covered the violence that broke out in the townships between the end of Apartheid in 1990 and the general elections in 1994. Only two of the four are still alive today, and one of them, João Silva, lost both legs below the knees after stepping on a landmine in Afghanistan last year. He was documenting the war with the US Army for the NY Times when this happened.

I have been following both João and Greg Marinovich's careers for a while now and am amazed by both of them. Their talent, courage and gratitude... I kind of idolise both of them slightly, so I will hold back on the gushing, and just let you read for yourself.

Please read an edited version of João's speech at the Bronx Documentary Center on August 2nd, published in the NY Times: João Silva: This Is What I Do, This Is All I Know

If you don't have tears in your eyes after reading that I don't know what to tell you... Please repost, reread, tell your friends. Without people like João and Greg, and the countless others who have been injured or died in this line of work, we would never have the images of conflict and war that we do today.

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