Friday, October 7, 2011

Thought Forms In New York

Deej GuitarTF & Rocket walk the WBurg BridgeTF & Rocket on the bridgeDeejWilliamsburg BridgeLove Life Charlie Madison Sq ParkTF & Rocket Madison Sq ParkTF & Rocket DJ 200 OrchardDeej DJChris & Charlie ATP Merch StandChris & Charlie ATP ATP Invada Merch StandDana & John ATPATP Merch StandDeej ATPDeej ATP (2)Thought Forms T-shirt Thought Forms MerchJared & GuyJaredJared & Guy 2Charlie & ChrisCharlie & Chris 2

Thought Forms In New York, a set on Flickr.

Full story to come in the next few days, but here is a collection of photos taken over the past 10 days. Wonderful friends, great music and an all-round amazing time!

If anyone wants a copy of the pictures let me know.

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Paul Romijn said...

Great pictures, many thanks for posting them!