Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What caught my eyes, ears and brain today

Apart from Tom Waits still excellent album (still listening to it on repeat), the Stones Roses reforming and telling the world via a most heartwarming press conference, and me cooking the most delicious meal from scratch, I have spent the day reading an array of different articles and stories and listening to some pretty cool music (between Tom Waits repeated album listens). While clad in a hoodie, football (of the real football kind) shorts and knee-high argyle socks (I had to add that because it's the best outfit for sitting around at home and looks cool and dumb all at the same time). So before I go back to watching MI-5/Spooks Season 4 on telly, I'll share these interesting things with you in case you have a burning desire to read/watch/listen to them too...

Guernica Magazine never disappoints me... So many excellent articles and interviews. Today I read two articles, each from a different perspective, but both based on the Bhutto family, Pakistani political dynasty tainted with corruption and tragedy:
A journalist who spent time on different occasions with Benazir Bhutto describes these encounters: The Price of Oranges (October 2011)
An interview with Fatima Bhutto, Benazir's niece: In My Place (July 2009). I actually remember reading this one a while ago, and she brings up a lot of very good points. I need to learn more about the political history of Pakistan to form any kind of opinion myself, as I really am not knowledgeable enough about it to really comment on it. Both interviews really sparked my interest though...

Psychic Dancehall: a collaboration between Crocodiles member Charles Rowell and The Slits’ Hollie Cook. I instantly fell in love with the light, dreamy, dancey atmosphere. Best listened to at home while dancing with ones cat in football shorts and knee-high argyle socks, in a candle lit room. The cover of He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) is particularly pretty.
Listen to the album Dreamers on Soundcloud (see below), or buy it HERE:
Psychic Dancehall - Dreamers LP by wearesolidgold

I came across this selection of rock photography by Ken Regan on the Rolling Stone site. He's an all-round wonderful photographer (I will write more about his work later this week), but I really love the photographs Rolling Stone took to showcase his work, all taken from his new collection "All Access: The Rock & Roll Photography of Ken Regan". I like the black and whites especially, he creates the same tones as I try (emphasis on try) to. Stark, sometimes a tiny bit overexposed, and engaging. I need to take more random portraits.

Last night during dinner with some friends we were discussing how one actually listens to music nowadays. I still listen to an album from beginning to end. I do make playlists, just like I used to make mix tapes and then mix CDs, but I never use the shuffle option. It had never actually come to mind until one of my friends brought it up... What about you? Is it true that the album is slowly becoming obsolete with this generation of kids? I don't want them to miss out on listening to an album from beginning to end! It's the BEST thing about listening to an artist/band/singer you love!!

OK, back to MI-5/Spooks. Hopefully no more of my favourite characters get killed off during this season.

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