Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photography: Little India, Jackson Heights, Queens

SweetsGreen tunicDressPurpleMaterialBollywood hits
Many signsBanglesGoddessesGaneshStatuesShop window
Queens of ShebaKabab King DinerMore foodFoodIndian style Chinese foodFor rent
Carnation evaporated milkDettoljellyGripe waterHenna etcHorlicks

Little India, Queens, a set on Flickr.

This week has been a mix of really good days and really bad days. Today was one of the latter, with an early start over to Jackson Heights where there is a small Indian community. I love it there, but don't make it out there often enough. The colours, the smells and the sounds, bring me right back to the time I spent in India. I love that country so much and can't wait to go back again.
I spent the morning walking around with my friend Holly, taking photos, enjoying some excellent conversation with sweets and chai.
I know I have been on a black and white kick these past few months, but this was definitely a day for colour, as there was so much of it. If one day I were to leave Bushwick I would maybe consider moving to this neighbourhood.

The only thing missing were tubs of grains to stick my hands in... Oh and maybe a delicious samosa. Maybe next time. I am considering buying the green tunic one day though, it was seriously gorgeous.

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