Monday, May 14, 2012

Photography: Store Fronts

The New JasonTaj GrocerySteeplechaseSoul II SoulRubysQueens of Sheba
PrimorPopeyesPawn ShopNathan'sNathansMexican Restaurant
Live PoultryLions DenLiberty Department StoresLegacy VideoJewelryJesus saves Brooklyn
Jackson HewittHigh TimesHappy DaysGaudy GrillFreedom DeliFish-Meat
Store Fronts, a set on Flickr.
I started this project earlier this year when I realised that I kept taking photos of random storefronts in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I started putting all the photos together and realised it could be quite a cool collection... I've been on a bit of a photography lag lately, not really feeling inspired, or too tired to go and find something to spike my interest. I woke up way too early this morning and just decided to go out for a walk, and found some interesting places.
This is just a small collection - I'm sure I'll be adding a lot more to it over the next few months.


Garage Scribbles said...

Historically, I believe it very important to make images of shop fronts for the simple reason that many of them disappear all too quickly. Also it's very interesting to note that when local free sheets or newspapers indulge themselves in local history, more often than not. They depict a bygone store, market, or....a shop front. I would consider offering your collection (or copies of it), to a local history group in New York, if such an organisation exists that is.

Tony Shelley

Paradox said...

You are so right - and it always worries me that one day all of the quirky deli fronts and signs will be replaced by 7-11's and Starbucks, and that there will be no record of them anywhere.